classic mini coopers

The Little Car that Could...and Did

It would be an understatement to say we are big Mini Cooper fans. In fact, we are all a bit mad for Mini Coopers around here and have been for many years. The Mini is one of those cars that have changed the way the world thinks about producing vehicles. Not only was it production genius, but the technology it utilized was unheard of. It was the first successfully mass produced front-wheel drive vehicle. And the adoption of the Alexander Moulton suspension put the Mini way ahead of its time. All of these accomplishments made Mini and Austin Coopers a pleasure to drive and put them in an unmatched performance category.

Classic MINI Coopers

Mini Cooper: A Car for Everyone

A car with no class distinctions, the Mini Cooper was owned by the upper and lower class alike. The Mini is one of the only cars ever produced to hold that distinction. For many of these reasons, the Mini became one of the most produced cars of all time and is the longest produced car without any significant changes spanning from 1959-2000. One cool fact you may not know is that all late model Mini Coopers are still produced in the original factory and we hope the tradition stays that way for many years to come.

Classic MINI Coopers

Classic Mini Cooper & Austin Cooper Restoration

Here at Central Coast Mini Center in San Luis Obispo, we can not only service, maintain and repair your classic Mini, but we can also restore your car to whatever level you desire. When thinking about restoring your Mini, it is essential to know what you want out of the finished product. Do you want a nice driver restoration or a full concourse show contender? The difference is significant in both time and price, so be sure you know what you want. Whatever you desire, we can deliver! If you have any questions about what we can do for you and your classic Mini, please give us a call or shoot us an email. And make sure to check out some of favorite classic Mini Cooper and Austin Cooper restorations on our British Sports Cars Auto Blog.